Serene Fuel Cell

We built a fuel cell that can:

  • Use biomethanol to minimize logistics and service costs (while cutting CO2 by 80%)
  • Be zero-emissions ready with green methanol or hydrogen tomorrow
  • Can operate reliably in extreme environments, where backup power is mostly needed



Cut CO2 Emissions by 80% today with (bio)methanol




30%-80% lower fuel cost than diesel

Low Service Needs



Deployed in 1,000s of locations around the world



Built for extreme environments and is self-maintaining.



An Advent solution is complete and flexible.

Serene Applications

Replace your diesel generators with low-cost, green power today.
Reliable and continuous power supply is essential and the solutions have to be green and low-cost. Our fuel cell is the low-cost future-proof solution to meet your ESG and Cost Targets today.

Telecom Tower Backup

Permanent or temporary power supply for remote and off-grid sites.

Critical Infrastructure Power

No matter the weather, the duration, or the location: your infrastructure can never be without power.

Portable Power

Reliable and green deployable power solutions are important, especially in a time where emissions, noise and co2 is on top of the agenda.

Become a Serene Distributor Today

Join us in distributing clean power across the globe as an official Advent distributor. As our partner, you will be fully trained and equipped to service local customers and end-users via our Advent Academy.

Serene Customers & Partners

Transitioning to clean power?

Our standardized product lines fit most application needs. For customized power output, our systems are fully scalable.

Advent’s Global Network

The push for green power is global, and so is the demand for Advent’s Serene fuel cell solutions. At Advent, we provide full service to our customers across the globe by offering local support from service hubs and access to our global network of local partners. We provide state-of-the-art solutions, demonstrate use-cases, and provide training for our customers and end-users, while our partners act as service hubs for the installation, field-test, roll-out, maintenance and warranty to end-users of our Serene fuel cell solutions.