2022 will be a Great Year

Thank you for following us on LinkedIn in 2021. We look forward to yet another great year, feeding you here on LinkedIn with insights on our adventure in the year to come:

– By a reinforced organization, now in Advent regi, obtaining synergies to our fuel cell technology and organization as a whole.
– Supporting existing and new customers on their journeys to green transitions.
– Onboarding new partners – helping them distribute our clean power, Serene fuel cell products.
– Introducing new products to markets, complementing existing portfolio and our latest generations of fuel cell.
– Improving our communications by offering webinars and presence on conferences.
– Supporting our partners and existing customers by introducing a new customer and partner portal.
– Collaborating with suppliers, associations, policiticans – everyone working on vision, compatible to ours.
– Nursing & setting a world-class team, where we enjoy every day, making progress. Keep an eye to our open positions – come join us in our mission.