Case Story: Auxiliary Power Units, Hipower


To enable police execution of temporary roadblocks in various locations, hiPower has integrated Advent Technologies A/S’ H3-5000 as a mobile methanol generator. The system is coupled with a 48V 6kWh Lithium battery, 80L fuel tank, and an inverter for its purpose.

The methanol fuel cell power generator is installed in an outdoor enclosure (IP compliant) outside of a police safety inspection vehicle, which includes an X-ray scanning machine to support the roadblock capability. This 5kW APU is equivalent to 80kWh of on-board electricity and provides 26 hours of power with an average of 2.3kW loads. The run time is extended, simply by adding more methanol fuel mix.

The APU project is pilot that has successfully been demonstrated to the Chinese police force. As a result, the Chinese Police department, has requested a 2nd generation safety inspection vehicle. Here the fuel cell will be coupled with a small electrical bus, providing the vehicle a propulsion of its own. This development is already in progress.

Success Criteria:

  • Instant power charge
  • Critical uptime
  • low impact on surrounding environment: zero emission, no vibrations
  • Compact systems with low maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Scalable systems