Advent has an agreement with the German State of Brandenburg for the supply of methanol-powered fuel cell systems, which will be installed in select critical communication sites in the region.

Advent’s methanol-powered fuel cell systems will be used as a back-up power source for Brandenburg’s BOS digital radio network, replacing the diesel-driven emergency power systems at several sites over the next three years. Germany’s old public safety and security infrastructure relied on an outdated analogue radio system for communication. BOS is a digital, encrypted, and secure means of communication. The new BOS network allows first responders and other public safety officials to communicate easily and securely. The BOS network now covers 99.2% of German territory.

Advent’s solution was selected as part of a tender launched by the German State of Brandenburg, which requested that fuel cell and hydrogen technology companies submit proposals for sustainable and reliable emergency power supply solutions. Prior to Advent’s selection, the performance of the Company’s methanol-powered fuel cells was tested at a site of the BOS digital radio network in Brandenburg, providing further proof of concept for the use of HT-PEM fuel cells as an efficient back-up power source for critical infrastructure applications. Advent’s methanol-powered fuel cells deliver reliable power in an environmentally friendly way – reducing CO2 emissions and operating silently – while having a low impact on the surroundings. Methanol, as a carrier of hydrogen, allows simpler storage than pure hydrogen and enhances the safety of operations.