The first methanol fuel cell generator from Bredenoord has recently been put into practice by Vioss. Alongside the Apeldoorn-Dierenskanaal, the generator supplies a temporary traffic control installation with energy. This pilot is groundbreaking, in terms of scale and format.

The conversion of methanol into electricity is clean, quiet and emission-reduced because the new generator uses a fuel cell instead of an internal combustion engine. In the application at Vioss, Bio-methanol is used, which ensures electricity generated, significantly CO2 reduced.

As a customer to Advent’s partner Bredenoord, Vioss is trendsetting within the generator application area by introducing methanol-based fuel cells. The clean power technology, being fueled by Bio-methanol for optimum CO2 reduction, is running also efficiently and with ease in operation.

Success Criteria:

  • Replacement to internal combustion engine in generator to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Clean and quiet energy
  • Compact systems with low maintenance and ease in operations
  • Scalable systems

Methanol is an important fuel for the future. In this pilot, methanol is converted into electricity in a methanol fuel cell. The methanol fuel cell aggregate fits into our new line of sustainable products, along with hydrogen aggregates and batteries. It presents a solutions that can be used immediately in practice

Franz Hullegie, Business Development Manager, Bredenoord

We are always looking for new, sustainable technological solutions. But they must be solid solutions. They have to work in practice. When Bredenoord came up with the proposal to use their new methanol aggregate, we were immediately enthusiastic. And the product works, we can even run one kilometer of roadway lighting (20 masts, 50 meters centre-to-centre) with this methanol fuel cell aggregate and that for about 40 nights without refueling with methanol.

Rene Verbeek, Manager Vioss (customer to Bredenord)

About Bredenoord:

GSMA’s Race To Zero global movement

Bredenoord is a specialist in temporary and mobile power solutions. Serving a global market, they provide businesses, institutions and governmental organisations with clean, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Optimal combination of technologies

Bredenoord believe that every energy need is different and therefore often demands unique solutions. Whether customers are looking for cleanest, most efficient or most cost-effective solution, through the smart combination of different technologies, Bredenoord guarantee optimum reliability. Today, this often means hybrid configurations focussed on energy storage. By connecting a zero-emission battery to solar or wind energy systems, to the mains power grid or to a generator, sustainable energy provision is achieved. Bredenoord also provides generators and systems with more sustainable fuels such as HVO and hydrogen, supportive with a fleet of storage systems, diverse generators and accessories and not least service hubs able to assist 24/7.

Towards a zero-emission future for temporary power

Bredennord clients are increasingly demanding temporary and mobile power with the lowest emissions possible. We often work on the development of new technologies and solutions, together with our clients, governmental organisations and innovation partners.