Clean power for customers and partners

Our fuel cells provide back-up power, as well as temporary primary power or work in a hybrid configuration with renewable sources such as solar and/or wind. Serving both current and future needs for power solutions, our methanol-fueled power system is a great match for the telecom industry. Other applications include residential, industrial and commercial where our systems provide an excellent alternative to diesel generators for back-up of services or powering equipment, where the use of grid power is challenging or not possible.

Since 2006, Advent has deployed more than a thousand fuel cell units globally. Below is a sample of our customers’ and partners’ cases.


Case Story: Bredenoord Background: The first methanol fuel cell generator from Bredenoord has recently been put into practice by Vioss. Alongside the Apeldoorn-Dierenskanaal, the generator supplies a temporary traffic control installation with energy. This pilot is groundbreaking, in terms of scale and format. The conversion of methanol into electricity is clean, quiet and emission-reduced because the [...]

RiverCell – Serene to Maritime

Case Story: RiverCell Advent Serene Fuel Cells to Maritime Over 90 percent of world trade is carried across the world's oceans by some 90,000 marine vessels. The shipping industry is responsible for a considerable proportion of the global climate change problem: More than three percent of global carbon dioxide emissions can be attributed to inland and [...]

Solar Energy meets SereneU Fuel Cell

Solar Energy meets SereneU Fuel Cell The Ultimate Green Solution Pushing forward our clean power systems, we enter strategic partnerships with global providers of solar and wind energy, and by that offering turnkey sustainable solutions. An example is our partnership with TSS. TSS was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. TSS has an [...]

Challenges of climate (change) – SereneU is stronger than storm

Challenges of climate (change) Fuel cells – a green, reliable response The UN’s climate panel, IPCC’s recent report on climate changes predicts massive impact on environment due to global heating. And we have seen already, how these climate challenges interfere with our everyday lives, in some cases to catastrophic degrees. It seems the world is beginning to [...]

Power by Trailer-solution for construction sites

Solteknikk/Enetech, an Advent Technologies A/S partner, has developed a compact, mobile and sustainable trial in an effort to showcase the solution viable to meet future construction sites' demands for more sustainable and people-/environment-friendly solutions in Norway.

Smart to greening of sites

In an effort to transition to more sustainable and environment-friendly solutions, while providing connectivity to more communities, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) roll out fuel cell sites in challenged-grid areas nationwide in 2021.

Residential energy

The climate cabin "MBI" embraces all aspects of sustainability, in terms of environmentally friendly materials, construction and an energy / climate-friendly operation. Energy for the cabinet will be secured by 1.8 kW solar cells and 5 kW methanol powered fuel cell delivered by Advent Technologies A/S.

Deployable Power Unit

HiPower’s mini mGen 2 is an upgraded version of mini mGen, and is targeted for commercial mobile power generator use. The methanol power generator can provide quiet, clean, and long-lasting power for outdoor use.

Micro Grid

Transforming from centralized power plant to distributed micro-grid power system has turned out to be a sustainable way of meeting power supply in remote locations.

Auxiliary Power Units

To enable police execution of temporary roadblocks in various locations, hiPower has integrated Advent Technologies A/S' H3-5000 as a mobile methanol generator. The system is coupled with a 48V 6kWh Lithium battery, 80L fuel tank, and an inverter for its purpose.