Methanol fuel cell to the Læsø Ferry

2022-03-03T13:11:27+01:00March 3rd, 2022|

The Læsø Ferry is looking for options to lower its carbon footprint, become more sustainable, both CO2-neutral and particle-free. The project explores innovative possibilities of switching to a combination of methanol engine and fuel cells. The project has the potential for 53 ferry routes in Denmark alone.

Welcoming new Advent team-lead talent

2022-01-25T10:55:29+01:00January 25th, 2022|

Presenting a new member to our team in Aalborg; Thomas Kjeldsen, a unique talent and person of drive, who will be heading our System Control Department. Thomas has many years of experience in software development, as an engineer, project manager and heading teams in successful ICT and energy companies.

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