Critical Infrastructure Backup Power

Are you in government, defense, security, utility, energy, or private sector business and need to support a widespread critical infrastructure?

Meet the logistics challenge by using Advent’s biomethanol-based Serene fuel cells. No matter the weather, the duration, or the location, your infrastructure will never be without power.

Diesel generators are on their way out. Advent’s Serene fuel cell is the low-cost future-proof solution to meet your ESG and cost targets today.

We deploy and maintain fuel cells (directly or through your service partner).

Our fuel cell solutions are ideal for critical power and backup. Whether off-grid or not, Advent offers all the economic advantages of a traditional grid-tied system like net metering. The grid can be used as much or as little as desired, based on energy consumption needs and utility rates, and the combination of batteries and fuel cells covers the rest.

Advent’s Serene fuel cell solutions are reliable, remotely monitored, and self-maintaining. They also require much less space in proportion to other clean energy technologies. They are ideal for densely populated areas, where small and difficult-to-access rooftops are the preferred installation locations. We have experience from hundreds of rooftop installations, and we meet the requirements for noise reduction, roof load, and minimal footprint.

A Serene fuel cell can provide 240 hours of 1kW backup or 48 hours of 5kW, with a system that fits within 1 m2 – including both equipment and fuel. Additional power needs can be covered with expandable fuel cells or additional fuel tanks.

Never be without power.

No matter the weather, the duration, or the location, your infrastructure will have reliable 24/7 power with Advent’s Serene fuel cell solutions.

TETRA Radio Networks

Security Networks

Weather Stations

Critical Infrastructure Cases

We have 10+ years of experience in the development and deployment of fuel cells globally.

Fit for the green transition?

Download our guide: “Fit for the green transition?” for an in-depth viewpoint on transitioning to green power.

The guide is intended to help you initiate the transition to Advent’s Serene fuel cells.

Fit for the Green Transit