Case Story: Substations back-up for Fingrid


For a utility company like Fingrid, it is critical to be in continuously control of the network. For that purpose, typically many substations are equipped with switchgear. In case of grid breakdown these substations would normally be uncontrollable, unless there is a backup solution available.

Today, there is a requirement for up to 48 hours of backup which is traditionally handled by either a large battery pack and/or a diesel generator. This requires a significant amount of space – especially in the cases where conditions and safety requirements imposes that the batteries are separate due to temperature control and ventilation. Furthermore, despite the minimal usage, maintenance and relatively frequent start-up is still required to secure operational efficiency in a potential back-up situation.

Low space requirement can easily be achieved with Advent Technologies A/S’ H3-5000 Fuel cell module. Here you get up to 15kW and 220 kWh backup within a footprint  of 1x1m.

In addition, the system is self-maintaining; meaning that regular visits are not necessary. This is further emphasized by the fact that the system is monitored remotely, and in case of system errors, an alarm is automatically sent via the system platform or e-mail/sms.

Success Criteria

  • Critical backup
  • Remote monitoring
  • Compact systems with low maintenance

Fingrid Vision and Strategy

Fingrid is Finland’s transmission system operator.

They secure reliable electricity for customers and society and shape the clean, market-oriented power system of the future.