Case Story: Generator power


Advent Technologies A/S and UK Based Generator Power have joined forces in order to exploit increasing opportunities for providing power solutions into telecom, utility and industry. Generator Power is an experienced integrator and operator of power solutions to key players in the UK market and wants to expand their portfolio of products with green and innovative solutions which will enable Generator Power to sustain and grow their position in the market.

Power Generator has already installed the first trial units of Advent Technologies A/S’ H3-5000 fuel cell modules and will be promoting the technology to their customer portfolio within the near future. Located in UK with a national presence, Generator Power can secure installation, service and maintenance in all regions.

Being a part of the “Advent Universe” Generator Power will have access to extensive knowledge of methanol fuel cell technology and training via the “Advent Academy” platform. First training took place online.

The collaboration between Generator Power and Advent Technologies A/S is an example of how to start up smoothly with the fuel cell technology. With an established platform, we are looking forward to exchanging ideas and practices and to grow our partnership and position within the UK market.

Success Criteria

  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Advent Academy
  • Sharing know-how and access to distribution networks
  • Proof-of-concept

Generator Power at a Glance

Generator Power’s mission is to get power where it is needed and when it is needed in the UK.

The company has nine depots dotted around England, Scotland and Wales which enables the company to respond quickly and efficiently. In combination with a range of specialist vehicles, they get to places difficult to reach. Over the time, Generator power has provided power for a wide range of applications: Power for isolated masts, construction sites, tight inner city streets, outdoor events and even offshore platforms are all in a day’s work. Go to the company’s website to have a look into their customer cases.