Green Portable Power


Replace Diesel Generators with Unlimited Power Where You Need It.


Advent’s new product line the SereneP is configurable to your exact needs:

  • The system combines a battery, a fuel cell, and green liquid fuel to provide power (10kVA to 300kVA).
  • Operates on methanol, biomethanol, or eMethanol, providing virtually unlimited power (just add fuel).
  • It is lightweight and portable enough to be moved to the location of choice (construction, camp, concert, etc.) easily.


Replace your diesel generators with low-cost, green power today.
From construction sites to micro-grids the need for reliable and continuous power supply is essential. Find out how our systems can be the perfect solution for many portable power applications.


SereneP is ideal for construction and meets any need, from heavy machinery to precision tools.

EV Charging Stations

Charge EVs even in remote or power-restricted regions like islands, mountains – anywhere.

Events and Concerts

From food stands and vendors to security systems and ticket booths, all facets of the event operate seamlessly.


Reliable power for remote communities is essential to ensure a dependable and clean source of electricity in remote areas like small villages, research outposts, or mining operations.

Buildings and Emergency

Preserve the continuous operation of critical facilities like hospitals during grid outages or emergency/defense/rescue camps set in grid-challenged areas or conditions.


The Product Line

SereneP Power Pack 45kVA

SereneP Power Pack 90kVA

SereneP Power Pack 150 – 300kVA

Key Features


Zero Emissions and Minimal Noise: SereneP offers silent, eco-friendly power generation. It’s the perfect choice for eco-conscious areas and bustling urban locations, addressing concerns related to noise and air quality. With no NOx or SOx emissions, it delivers up to a 100% reduction in CO2 emissions when compared to traditional power sources.

Load Following and Fuel Efficiency: SereneP ensures cost-effective energy consumption. It dynamically adjusts its power output in real-time to precisely match the load requirements, resulting in reduced operational costs and a minimized environmental footprint.

Versatility and Ruggedness: Engineered to withstand any environment, it operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C.

The Liquid eFuels Advantage: Liquid eFuels (like eMethanol) can be effortlessly transported through existing infrastructure, stored safely, and offer unlimited access, ensuring a continuous supply of electricity whenever you need it, even in the face of grid problems.