Case Story: Hipower Greentech


HiPower Greentech is a recognized company and integrator of green technology with presence in Taiwan and China.

For many years, the company and its owner Justin Chou have recognized the advantages of the fuel cell technology, and Methanol fuel cell systems have a high priority in HiPower’s technology portfolio.

Reduced noise, no NOx/SOx emissions and hydrogen stored in a fluid fuel with high density reveals diverse opportunities within many applications.

With Advent Technologies A/S’ H3-5000 high voltage fuel cell, HiPower meets the demand for primary power supply to fast charging scooter stations.

This is part of supporting the buildup of a “green” infrastructure for the coming fleet of EV-driven vehicles. Together with solar technology, Methanol fuel cells will provide charging power sufficient to cover existing and future demand for fast charging at key locations such as convenience stores.

In many cases, the existing grid has proven too expensive, inflexible and unable to provide sufficient power for fast charging. At the same time, charging stations located in highly densely populated areas, the solution must be compact, silent and without harmful emissions.

With the introduction of H3-5000, HiPower has been able to offer the best possible solution available for current and future needs of the infrastructure for EV-driven vehicles.

Considering the potential fleet of thousands of stations, the need for solution which can be remotely monitored is evident.

Success Criteria

  • Compact clean power with low maintenance
  • Power-t-X
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Remote monitoring
  • Sites with low impact on surrounding environment: zero emission, no vibrations
  • Scalable systems