Today, on 10th September, we had the pleasure of hosting the Indian Ambassador for a meeting at the Advent premisses in Aalborg. The Ambassador was in Aalborg due to the 150 years birthday of Gandhi.

The meeting was hosted by our Sales & Marketing Director, John Kjær and Research & Development Director, Morten Sørensen. The embassy was represented by the Indian Ambassador, Mr. Ajit Gupte and Commercial & Marketing Officer, Ashok Kumar Polur. The meeting was facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark, represented by Hans A. Pedersen.

The Indian embassy chose to visit Advent, due to our engagement in India, and India’s focus on green energy and sustainable technologies.

During the company tour and fuel cell demonstration, the Ambassador, provided several good examples for the potential usage in India. Advent primary business segment “Telecom” was given focus during the tour but also applications within the categories of  “Residential Compounds” and “Utility” were identified as areas of interest for back-up power in India. Besides business and political topics, the sustainable agenda was also a returning topic in the conversation.

We look forward to follow-up on the meeting – addressing both contacts and market needs exchanged in the meeting.