Replace your Diesel Generators with Fuel Cells

SereneU ht-pem fuel cells convert hydrogen and other renewable fuels to electricity. Any Fuel. Anywhere. Low-cost, fuel-flexible, resilient fuel-cell technology. Meet your ambitious ESG goals by replacing diesel generators with our sustainable and future-proof technology! SereneU fuel cells work for back-up, supplementary and primary power – for rooftop, onground sites, in remote areas and in hybrid constellations.


Fuel cell systems are ideal for rooftop sites located in highly-populated residential areas, as they offer reduced noise and vibrations, having a minimum impact on people and surroundings.


Serene Systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. Systems with SereneU, 5-15kW, can be installed with an internal or external tank, depending on need.


Fuel cell systems are ideal for remote locations to support security networks and in telecommunications as they are compact to transport, have a high degree of reliability, excellent part load characteristics and high efficiency.

Hybrid to solar or wind

Advent SereneU fuel cells can work perfectly in hybrid systems with renewable sources such as solar and/or wind, providing uninterrupted power to mainstream sites but also sites that are challenged by extreme heat, wet offshore conditions, or located in remote areas as either back-up, supplementary or primary power.

Clean and reliable power for your telco site

We have 16 years of experience in the development of fuel cells and, until today, we have deployed hundreds of units for telco sites globally. Our fuel cells are ideal for replacing telco 4g and/or 5g back-up tower systems and off-grid power needs in remote, construction and bad-grid locations

Transitioning to clean power?

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Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Low noise and no harmful emissions.



Eco-friendly energy storage and generation based on circular processes with low CO2 emissions.




Well-tested and self-maintaining solutions with possibility of remote monitoring.




High efficiency and lower fuel costs.




An Advent solution is complete and flexible.

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State-of-the-art solutions, Advent Academy.

“ Our partnership with Advent in implementing renewable energy solutions has led us to achieve great things in our sustainability journey. Through our continued efforts, we will further shift Globe’s energy reliance towards renewable sources and decarbonized operations”

Ernest Cu, Globe President and Chief Executive Officer

Customer to Advent since 2016

Customer Cases

Click below to navigate through a selection of cases, demonstrating how our serene fuel cell systems have helped Telco customers advance their transition to clean power technologies.

“PLDT and Smart are active advocates of sustainable development.  As we face daunting challenges on how to protect our environment and promote more equitable social development, Smart’s cutting-edge technologies can play a significant role in rallying the right socio-environmental mindset and driving a greater sense of responsibility to the planet.

Alfredo S. Panlilio, Smart Communications President and CEO and PLDT Chief Revenue Officer.

…Customer to Advent since 2020

SereneU-5 G4 by Advent offers a simple and reliable solution for on-demand power. Wherever there is a need for back-up, whether being commercial telecom networks, security networks, serene does the job. Not only does it deliver critical and reliable power, it also does it in an environmentally friendly way by reducing CO2 and operating in a silent way. On top of that, it is uniquely designed in a way where methanol is reformed on site to hydrogen. This means that the fuel for Advent systems is liquid and is not only easily distributed but also available all around the world. The system produces up to 5kW and as the system is modular, multiple systems can be interconnected.

  • Low noise and no harmful emission
  • Compact and light footprint
  • High efficiency and lower fuel costs
  • Flexible installation in- and outdoors
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Elimination of fuel and equipment theft
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Fit for the green transition?

Download our guide: “Fit for the green transition?” to map your company’s opportunities transitioning to clean power by Advent.

The guide is intended to help you consider and initiate the transition to clean and renewable energy and presenting by SereneU a viable catalyst; fuel cells for your future, alternative energy practice.

Download guide: Fit for the green transition?
Fit for the Green Transit