Your Sail is Greening

Serene Power Systems for Marine

No Range Anxiety.
No Battery Recharging.
No Noise.

Electric-powered boats are here today. Now meet the first solution that doesn’t require recharging, carrying a heavy battery on board, and can achieve true net-zero emissions, way before the planet runs on a completely green grid. Sail on quiet clean electric power without sacrificing range and autonomy.

Serene Power Systems for Marine are made by combining Advent’s Fuel Cells with a much smaller battery and cover the boat’s main and auxiliary power needs.

No Emissions. No Pollution.
  • Simple refueling with liquid green fuel (methanol).
  • Zero emissions, zero pollution with eMethanol (green H2).


Advent Serene Power Systems
for Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Power

Key Features


Made to Fit Your Boat: Crafted with precision, Serene Power Systems feature a modular and flexible design that adapts to the limitations of each vessel. Free from moving parts, they embody durability and simplicity, allowing for easy customization to match yacht specifications.

Quiet Serene Sail: Serene Power Systems operate silently, eliminating noisy or vibrating operations that can disrupt the serenity of your yacht experience.

Low Maintenance, Low Cost: Escape the nightmare of servicing a diesel engine in the middle of your journey. Our innovative design significantly reduces the demand for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), leaving you more time to enjoy the open waters.

Competitive Cost: Efficiency extends beyond performance—it’s also about cost-effectiveness. Our low-maintenance fuel cell solutions translate into a competitive total cost of ownership. By minimizing the demands for maintenance and versatile eFueling options we offer you an investment that not only benefits the environment but also your bottom line.

Simple Refueling: Advent Serene Power Systems recharge themselves by converting liquid green methanol fuel to electric power. Methanol is available in most ports, and we can deliver it to your location of choice. Soon we will be producing 100% green eMethanol (made from green H2, made from green power), allowing you to sail with the sun and the wind in a bottle.


Battery Only vs
Advent’s Serene Electric Power System

13 times lower weight than battery only
72% less space required
9.4 times lower cost

*based on 3 day (6MWh/day load) trip

Batteries, Methanol, or Hydrogen?

Why not all of them?

At Advent, we have deployed more than 1,000 systems for critical backup, defense, mobility, and telecom applications in the most remote locations and harshest environments. We are practical and know what works in the real world, not just in the lab.

With Serene Power Systems, refilling and fuel logistics are simplified, being almost identical to any other fossil fuel. But methanol is greener today than diesel, and will be 100% green tomorrow.

The 3 primary types of methanol:

Grey methanol (made from natural gas) reduces CO2 emissions by 40% and eliminates NOx SOx and other pollutants. Already this is cleaner than repowering from the grid in many countries.

Biomethanol (available today) reduces CO2 emissions by 80% and eliminates NOx SOx and other pollutants. This is cleaner than repowering from the grid in virtually all locations.

eMethanol is the fuel of the future, made by green hydrogen. eMethanol is simply the packaging of the power of wind and the sun in a bottle, and Advent Fuel Cells convert it to electricity on board. New eMethanol plants are launched every year, and we expect that soon, this will be the primary fuel option to be considered. eMethanol is the net-zero (100% emission reduction) shipping fuel of the immediate future.

So, when you ask if we use batteries, methanol, or hydrogen, our answer is YES.

All of them.

Worried about methanol delivery and logistics?


We’ve got you covered. We have established a broad network of partners and have perfected the operations excellence processes for taking care of your methanol needs.

Your sail is greening, no matter your need.

  • Propulsion and power for smaller vessels (leisure and sailboats, ferries, and inland river vessels)
  • Supplementary power for existing applications, such as replacing conventional diesel generators
  • Powering auxiliary loads on larger vessels
  • Supplying shore power to vessels at/near ports

Case Studies



A demonstration project funded by the German government. It aims at developing and demonstrating a safe practical solution for a hybrid electric energy system for inland waterway ships using fuel cells in confined maritime applications. 

  • 18 RMFC units stacked in parallel
  • 90 Kw max output
  • 1050 V power lines
  • Fully automated operation
  • Used for IMO and ICC CEVNI Class Rule development

MS Innogy


MS Innogy is the first vessel in Germany to be powered by methanol fuel cells, featuring a fuel cell system manufactured by Advent A/S. As part of the project, Advent A/S cooperated with the energy company Innogy, aiming to showcase the potential of methanol as a fuel of the future.


  • 35kW system – seven 5kW modules integrated into one rack
  • Hybrid constellation – fuel cell system and a battery pack
  • Waste heat from the fuel cell to drive the methanol reformation
  • Reduced noise and low vibrations

MS Mariella


Viking Line’s “Mariella” ferry service between Helsinki and Stockholm had a 90kW system comprising methanol-fueled high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells installed by Advent A/S.


  • Equipped with a fuel cell stack powered by a methanol fuel supply system
  • The methanol fuel tank was bunkered by the truck using a standard hose
    arrangement and was reformed into Hydrogen and then transformed into
    90kW of electrical power.