Case Story: Motorola


Motorola Norway is responsible for delivery of safe communication between police, fire and rescue services in Norway. It takes place within a nationwide network covering more than 2,000 km. from Odden in the south to Nordkap. The network consists of a couple of thousands telecom sites where any possible down-time is critical.

Some of the sites are located remotely on mountain sides without electricity access. Many areas are also environmental protected  from combustion engines like diesel generators. These diesel generators are either not legal or should be kept at a minimum. Therefore, a number of sites are off-grid hybrid systems running on a combination of solar technology and Diesel generators.

In 2016, Motorola initiated the first steps in replacing Diesel generators with Fuel cell systems in order to eliminate the use of noisy and polluting technologies. The purpose is eventually to sustain a fuel that is 100% green, where remote monitoring also can detect irregularities without sending helicopter and personal to the mountain.

Besides the clear advantages of a CO2 emission reducing technology, the system also reveals opportunities for alternative use of the technology. Many of the sites have a need for up to 72 hours of back-up which by sole use of regular battery technology and / diesel generators is a both spacious, and in terms of maintenance, demanding solution.

Success Criteria

  • Critical backup in remote areas
  • Remote monitoring
  • Sites with low impact on surrounding environment: reducing CO2 emissions
  • Compact systems with low maintenance