Advent signs membership with Methanol Institute

We are happy to announce that Advent has joined the Methanol Institute (MI). MI is the industry’s global trade association representing the world’s leading methanol producers, distributors, and technology companies. MI’s main adding value targets are:

  • Promote the global awareness of the methanol industry
  • Ensure safety handling of methanol throughout the value-chain
  • Positively influence of global regulatory bodies

The key reason Advent joined the MI is to provide comfort to our local partners and end-users. We believe that MI’s consolidation of industrial stakeholder, can proactively encourage – and eventually provide:

  • Overview of local supply options
  • Increased transparency pricing structures worldwide
  • Closer relationship with key methanol producers globally and locally

It is critical for our value-chain partners – that access to current and future supply is simple and responsive since their business perspectives will strongly be determined by methanol supply access and pricing transparency. As an example, in Philippines, our clients estimated yearly demand for premix water-methanol fuel is currently app. 350,000 litres. There our Philippine colleagues have secured the needed infrastructure of suppliers and blender stations.

Secondly, MI’s international resources and activities reaches many different appliances and segment. With this respect, many co-members operate in other stationary segments. Advent aims to draw upon these resources and learn from associated stakeholders’ experiences. When our new website is launched, MI will use their channels (Newsletter, Website and SoMe channels) to communicate our message to industry stakeholders and increase awareness about the goals we strive to achieve.

Advent signed up for the MI membership until ultimo 2020. Here we will provide a status on the progress for achieving our goals through proactive engagement in the MI community