Political focus on fast-track green transition

The global energy crisis has added fuel to the climate crisis fire, triggering increased focus from politicians and consumers on independent green and sustainable energy sources. Former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen visited Advent Technologies Denmark to gain insight into fuel cell technology.

With 2030 – the deadline of Denmark’s ambitious climate goals – coming ever closer and current energy prices skyrocketing, the demand for green energy sources is growing rapidly – especially solutions that can be applied without major construction projects or waiting for the upgrade of the national energy grid.

Advent Technologies Denmark recently welcomed a group of Danish politicians. Their aim was to gain insight into the potential of fuel-cell technology as a green energy source that can be integrated in a variety of industries already today.

Among the visitors was former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen of Moderaterne, who had a strong focus on the green transition during his times as Prime Minister (2009-2011 and 2015-2019).

During their visit, the politicians were introduced to, among other things, Advent Technologies’ current product range for construction sites, telecom sites and emergency power generation, as well as upcoming solutions for sea transport.

“It’s always great to see well-known theories turned into something tangible, and it’s been amazing to visit a company that has used Danish research to develop a technology that can make a huge difference globally,” Lars Løkke Rasmussen said after his visit.

“In Denmark, we are excellent at technological innovation at smaller scale. We must be better at using this first-mover advantages and take necessary measures to scale-up and internationalise. For example, there is great potential for clean powering of critical infrastructure, maritime and construction sites. This is a win-win for the climate, energy independency and Danish export – but still only few people understand the perspectives”, says Esben Overgaard Hansen, Business Developer Director, Advent Technologies.

At Advent, the hope is that the increased focus can further the use of fuel-cell power solutions – not just on a short-term basis for individual companies and industries, but in the future, once the technology is scaled up further, also in Denmark’s future energy grid.

“It means a lot to Advent to experience this increased political focus – both on our products and on what we can offer the green transition. We have products on the shelf that can make a difference today – as they already do for clients all over the world – and in the new energy infrastructure that will be established in Denmark in the coming years,” Morten Sørensen, CEO, Advent Technologies, says.