Case Story: Micro Grid for Hipower


Transforming from centralized power plant to distributed micro-grid power system has turned out to be a sustainable way of meeting power supply in remote locations.

It is broadly that renewable energy strongly supports the sustainable agenda. Nevertheless, the efficiency of renewable energy resources such as solar and wind powers depends by the weather condition. A raining season or typhoon may lead to bad power quality and instability. The challenge is how to establish a safety system while enhancing energy efficiency?

In hiPower’s micro-grid power system, the mGen is applied as fuel cell power generator that in combination with solar panels enhance energy efficiency. One of characteristics of micro grid is multiple power sources, the same idea was applied in hiPower’s micro grid system. Solar panels are combined with fuel cells and a power control unit, which ensures that fuel cell can seamlessly bridge the power, when solar power is insufficient.

Success Criteria:

  • Critical backup in remote areas
  • Remote monitoring
  • Sites with low impact on surrounding environment: zero emission, no vibrations
  • Compact systems with low maintenance
  • Scalable systems