REintegrate and Advent enter collaboration on green e-methanol – first order already placed!


Power-to-X company REintegrate has initiated collaboration with Advent on delivery of green e-methanol for testing fuel-cell-based generator plants. Today, such plants are primarily run on methanol produced from fossil fuels. With the transition to green e-methanol, CO2 emissions are reduced, and the new agreement contributes to expanding the use of green e-methanol produced in Denmark.

” We are proud to get the opportunity to provide Advent with green e-methanol and thereby launch our product in a new industry. Methanol is a liquid that is used in many contexts, and every time we exchange fossil-fuel-based methanol with green e-methanol, we reduce the amount of CO2 emitted”, says Lars Udby, CEO at REintegrate.

Green e-methanol is produced from hydrogen and CO2 from biomass. As the hydrogen is produced using power from wind turbines that is conducted through an electrolysis process, and as such is a so-called electro fuel, e-methanol belongs to the group of Power-to-X products that are subject to great expectations when it comes to the green transition of, among others, the transportation industry.

In collaboration with other partners, REintegrate has demonstrated the process in a pilot plant at Aalborg University and is currently contributing to the establishment of Denmark’s first facility for producing green e-methanol at an industrial scale. The facility will be based at GreenLab Skive, and from 2022, the production of green e-methanol will run at 16,000 tons per year. Part of the production will be purchased by Circle K for use as an additive for gasoline, and now, Advent has been signed as a client within a new segment.

Advent manufactures fuel-based generator plants. Like REintegrate, the company is based in Aalborg in northern Denmark and has branches in India and on the Philippines.

R&D Director of Advent, Morten Hougaard Sørensen, looks forward to the collaboration with REintegrate, which he sees as an important step towards achieving Advent’s vision of ensuring consumers clean and sustainable energy:” Our fuel cells are categorized among the world’s new green energy technologies and are increasingly used as an alternative to diesel generators in order to reduce or completely eliminate emissions that are harmful to the environment. Advent’s fuel cells generate no NOx, SOx or particular emissions, and through e-methanol from REintegrate, we will be able to reduce CO2 emissions markedly. The technology is used in different applications, often in combination with solar or wind power in solutions for telecommunications, the construction industry and the transportation industry, as well as for buildings and mobile units. With e-methanol, we are right where we want to be, and also right at the point towards which global practice is currently moving, driven by the green growth wave. Therefore, we are very happy to initiate this collaboration with REintegrate – and on Danish soil at that. The current global transition to green solutions is facilitated by, among others, highly skilled Danish companies, and collaboration is an important shared path towards that goal”.


About REintegrate

REintegrate Skive Aps was established in 2018. The company focuses on the development of green e-methanol as an alternative to methanol produced from fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. REintegrate has developed a technology that transforms green energy (solar and wind power) and CO2 from biomass into green e-methanol. The company designs, installs and operates facilities at locations that have access to green power and CO2 as a waste product.

Among the clients for this green e-methanol are Danish oil companies, who add the product to their gasoline in order to fulfil the legal requirement regarding addition of bio fuel. Eventually, clients will include shipping companies, but also refineries and the chemical industry, both of which use methanol as a raw material in their production. Read more at