Remote Off-Grid Sites

Permanent or temporary power supply for remote and off-grid sites

Business within telecom, construction and other industries are faced with the challenges of off-grid locations either permanently or temporarily.

A reliable and continuous power supply arrangement is an essential requirement to be considered when powering off-grid base stations to ensure that the mobile users and telecom operators do not experience any service outage.

Following the emerging concept of green telecommunication networks, the realization of powering the sites using sustainable solutions has started to receive significant attention. The tendency is particularly strong for permanent hybrid sites with either solar, wind, or both.

Generally, the fuel cell system is used to back up the power supply system by covering the intermittency of solar or wind systems, particularly when the energy storage of the system is unable to supply enough electricity to meet the demand of the telecom site.

In an off-grid application, batteries are used to store energy for later consumption when the sun is not out, or the wind is not blowing. Because there is variability in the renewable source, the fuel cell is often incorporated into the system to charge batteries when needed, while also meeting the demands of back-up or peak-shaving power loads. For off-grid site installations, the sizing of the battery is very much dependent on the following system requirements: voltage and current; charge and discharge rates and duration; operating temperature during charge and discharge; number of charge and discharge cycles; as well as cost, size, and weight constraints

These applications still need a power source for cloudy days and seasons with less sun. Instead of adding a diesel generator and thereby compromising the original intension of clean energy, our fuel cell system provides you with an emissions-free solution.

Fuel cells are in operation noise-reduced and have very low emissions, so they can be to be installed nearly anywhere. These systems provide power on-site directly to customers, without the efficiency losses of long-range grid transmission. At the same time, the system is perfect for remote locations or sites where you strive for autonomous operation through remote monitoring.

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Fit for the green transition?

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The guide is intended to help you consider and initiate the transition to clean and renewable energy and presenting by Advent a viable catalyst; methanol-based fuel cells for your future, alternative energy practice.

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