Advent at a Glance

We look forward to another year of opportunities, distributing our fuel cell solutions to customers worldwide looking for clean, cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Our solutions provide back-up power as well as temporary primary power or work in a hybrid system with other renewable sources such as solar and/or wind. Serving both current and future needs for power solutions, our methanol-fueled power system is a great match for the telecom industry. Other applications include residential, industrial and commercial where our systems provide an excellent alternative to diesel generators for back-up of services or powering equipment, where the use of grid power is challenging or not possible.

Will 2021 be the year for your company transitioning to clean power or are you just curious to learn how fuel cells in your set-up can solve your challenges and support your business? Please, contact our sales team to start the dialogue.

Check out this video, featuring Advent at a glance: Our vision – your mission: together we provide clean and renewable energy for the world: