Advent commerces cooperation with Foresight Energy

Advent is pleased to announce that on 29 September 2020, we signed a cooperation agreement with Foresight Energy弗尔赛. Under the agreement, we will cooperate on the commercialization of methanol fuel cell systems for the Chinese market within stationary power generation for the telecom, utility and industry segments. The overall ambition is to offer a long-term sustainable alternative to existing technologies that is CO2 neutral, promising low noise and no harmful emissions such as NOx/SOx and particle matters.

Laursen van Swieten has assisted in making the contact as well as the agreement between the two companies.

2020年9月29日,Advent A/S,与弗尔赛能源签订合作协定。在该协定下,由于在中国的电信、公用设施和工业领域对新创新能源解决方案有着很大的需求,双方将就甲醇燃料电池系统在这些领域的固定能源生产市场上的商业项目达成合作。他们的最终目标是提供一种长期且能取代原有那些会排放二氧化碳、制造大量噪音以及排放NOX/SOX等废气的技术。在Laursen van Swieten的协助下,两家公司签署了相应的合同及协议。


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Foresight is China’s largest producer of self-developed fuel cell products. It develops fuel cell products including design, development, testing, evaluation, and manufacturing of key components (stacks) and systems. As a national high-tech enterprise, Foresight is a member of the National Fuel Cell Standardization Committee, a co-sponsor and executive director of the International Hydrogen Energy Fuel Cell Association, a member of the China Fuel Cell Automotive Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and a member of the China Communications Standards Association. Foresight was granted 100 patents, including 32 invention patents, 67 utility model patents and 10 design patents.



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