Advent is happy to announce partnership with Solteknikk AS


SOLTEKNIKK AS is a pioneer in fuel cell implementation in Norway and has extensive experience in off-grid installations in remote and rough Nordic conditions. SOLTEKNIKK AS is these days facing an expansion and will with their new entity: ENETECH AS become a full-service provider of green power solutions. The company is located south-east of Oslo, in Moss – (Norway). SOLTEKNIKK / ENETECH works to tailor, build, deliver and service hybrid power solutions for a wide range of applications such as telecom, emergency communications and road-surveillance. As of recently, the company is moving into big market segments within construction and industry, that over the next few years will be met with challenging demands and regulations, which will move these sectors away from using carbon-based power sources.

“We look forward to this collaboration with SOLTEKNIKK where we already have a number of projects lined up for the implementation of fuel cells, and we are confident that the customer focus of SOLTEKNIKK / ENETECH will help us penetrate new markets, thus expanding our clean power reach”, says Commercial Manager, Morten Thomsen from Advent.

The partnership with Advent, according to the CEO and founder of SOLTEKNIKK / ENETECH Bjørn Erling Fjell, is part of the group’s business model, making the company able to be a major system integrator that facilitates the green shift for key sectors in the Scandinavian and European market.

“Increasingly, our customers demand solutions with no harmful CO2 emissions. Over time, we have been looking for a suitable partner that can complement our solutions with state-of-art clean technology and test proven fuel cells. We are happy that the projects we have so far initiated with Advent, as an internationally leading supplier within the area, are now baring fruits taking us into bigger R&R and pilot-projects in new markets with a strong bond of commitment between our companies”, Mr. Fjell states.