Advent establishes Partnership with Energig

We are happy to announce Advent partnership with Energig.

Energig, located in Denmark, is a full-service distributor of power solutions to primarily Northern European and Scandinavian customers, covering a wide range of application areas. Energig specialises in complete and reliable power solutions for off-grid areas, challenged by harsh conditions. Their product portfolio includes: Remote off-grid cabins, electrified hydraulic solutions, offshore power supply, electric boats, digital switching systems, etc.

Operational reliability, systems easily handled and the delivery of complete solutions are keys to Energig customers. Low-impact on surroundings. however, is becoming more and more important and the transition to clean power is considered a future-proven step. Energig’s power solutions until now are based on solar, wind and water – an environmentally friendly eco-system, but in combination with harmful praxis (the use of diesel generators), the vision of sustainability cannot be completed. CEO, Simon B. Christoffersen from Energig also states this as primary reason to partner up with Advent; “For many years, we have been looking for a viable green technology to replace diesel generators enabling us to offer not only reliable but also truly sustainable, emission-free power solutions. Methanol-based fuels cells represent not only a green option but also a reliable alternative to diesel generators and we are excited to connect with Advent who has many years of experience within the field, offering a matured technology and test-proven solutions. Clean power systems will be part of our future Business Model, offering our customers not only reliable but also 100% sustainable solutions. Energig is already a full certified distributor for Mastervolt, CZone, BEP, Blue Sea, Marinco, ProMariner, Ancor, Lenco, Rutland, Miasolé and well renowned for delivering high quality solutions and know-how for industrial applications. The partnership with Advent, closes the “Green Circle” as it enables us to deliver green power for everyone, anywhere. We look very much forward to the collaboration and introducing methanol-based fuels cells as a central part of our solutions”.

Advent’s Commercial Manager, Morten Thomsen, is excited about the collaboration with Energig; “Energig has a vision and strategy compatible to ours. They have a number of cases in pipeline where we look very much forward to seeing our fuels cells coming into play. Our fuels cells have already been demonstrated and well-tested across a wide area of applications including telecommunications, deployable and residential especially in the Asian market, and it is a journey which Energig can contribute to further as we scale up our reach and coverage of the commercial markets in need of renewable and clean power solutions. Energig offers complete solutions and possess full know-how of customers’ needs in the European market and we therefore complement each other very well”.