The Ultimate Green Solution

Pushing forward our clean power systems, we enter strategic partnerships with global providers of solar and wind energy, and by that offering turnkey sustainable solutions. An example is our partnership with TSS.

TSS was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. TSS has an extensive experience designing and delivering reliable and high performance tailor-made solar power solution for about 1,500 sites. Some of the unique applications include extreme heat, explosion proof, wet offshore conditions, off-grid, standalone, hybrid solar power, and for remote locations.

Success Criteria:

  • Energy supply 24/7
  • Low noise
  • Reduction of CO2 and particle emissions
  • Biodegradable fuel
  • Modular designs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Integration to any existing site

Fuel cell in hybrid solutions with solar cells are a perfect match for mainstream sites but also sites that are challenged by extreme heat, wet offshore conditions and in remote locations.

How does it work?

In fuel cell-PV solutions, fuel cells act as back-up, supplementary and even take over power generation when solar cells fails, during nights and in areas, challenged by the cycling of monsoons.

At Advent, we have a customer example of such a hybrid with partner ALCC (click here to see case). The hybrid consists of fuel cells and solar panels where the system operates at night after the sun sets, cools down when the sun rises, and re-starts charging on the solar batteries. During the 6-8 weeks monsoon season, the fuel cells generate power more than 24 or 48 hours continuous. In the given example, 4 x 1000 l IBC tanks, provides around 900 hours of fuel-cell run-time and 4,400 kWh.

Need the ultimate turnkey, reliable and environmentally friendly hybrid solution?

Our standardized product lines fit most application needs. For customized power output, our systems are fully scalable.
Your case for clean, cost-optimized and efficient energy is our case, and we support it all the way.

Want to become a Serene Partner and help us distribute clean power fuel cells?

Help us distribute clean power to world-wide customers by becoming part of the Advent Universe. As an Advent partner, you will be fully educated, trained and equipped to service local customers and end-users. Our Advent Academy will be your back-up all the way.