Flexible installation of our fuel cells is critical for your customer satisfaction.

Our fuel cell solutions are configurable allowing you to combine the fuel cell units with fuel tank, power distribution and remote monitoring into a complete, independent power system that addresses the specific needs of your applications.

A System Explained


The SYSTEM 10kW-15kW

Ideal for Telecoms & Critical Infrastructure

Design includes:

  • DC output DC output from 40-58Vdc  (200-1,000 Vdc as option)​
  • Methanol tank
  • Electrical system
  • Control system (box)
  • (Needs batteries)

SereneS-2 G4 48V – Suitable for up 10kW peak per cabinet
SereneS-3 G4 48V – Suitable for up 15kW peak per cabinet


Green Power Systems for Marine

Electric-powered boats are here today. Now meet the first solution that doesn’t require recharging, carrying a heavy battery on board, and can achieve true net-zero emissions, way before the planet runs on a completely green grid. Sail on quiet clean electric power without sacrificing range and autonomy.

Serene Power Systems for Marine are made by combining Advent’s Fuel Cells with a much smaller battery and cover the boat’s main and auxiliary power needs.


Green Portable Power

This portable solution allows for easy movement, addressing the power needs of construction sites, events, and small-scale EV charging stations. Its design enables virtually unlimited power by integrating expanded fuel storage alongside the power unit.


  • Construction Sites
  • Remote EV Charging Stations
  • Microgrid Support Installation
  • Events and Concerts
  • Buildings/Camp Backup Power


Combined HEAT & POWER

Our current HT-PEM technology is unique in fuel cells which allows heat utilization and using our waste heat.

Adding some components like Heat Pumps and Heat Exchangers allow for excellent gains in efficiency to up to 140%.

You can combine more heat (or cooling) or less, depending the needs of heat (cooling) and power you require.

Examples using 1 SereneU unit:

  • 3.5kw power and 3kw of heat
  • 13kw of heat
  • 1.5kw of power and 8kw of heat

Transitioning to clean power?

Our standardized product lines fit most application needs. For customized power output, our systems are fully scalable.