The backbone of Advent Technologies A/S is formed by premium solutions made possible by premium technology. We have a strong team of experienced engineers and technicians that strive to provide optimum solutions –  reliable and highly efficient fuel cell systems, easy to install and operate and with a long lifetime.

We provide fully integrated power generator solutions based on the HTPEM fuel cell technology. Our aim is to deliver high tech solutions, engineered to be easily adopted in the industry, with focus on value generation for our customers. Our engineers’ designs ensure our systems to be easily installed, operated and serviced – this is one of our key design principles.

Standardized systems 

For +15 years, we have developed expertise resulting today in a set of systems that are today modular and scalable. This enables us to serve large corporations worldwide as well as operators locally based on standardized systems which minimizes the costs associated with transitioning to and operating clean power systems.

While our standardized product lines meet most consumers’ needs, some applications require a customized power output. Based on our years of expertise and our scalable systems, we are proud to be a leading supplier of standardized solutions within our field.

Tests and quality assurance 

Quality assurance is perhaps the most challenging exercise for new technologies – many companies in the fuel cell business have failed.

At Advent Technologies A/S, we have extensively tested, validated and qualified our components, assembly processes, and products for more than a decade. Throughout four product generations, we have improved the design and demonstrated its quality and reliability both in our local test center, at our partners and at customers sites.

Our systems are qualified through a broad range of tests according to international standards, covering among others:

  • Fuel cell durability testing as single cell, short stack, full size stack, and as full product.
  • Startup reliability, and stress testing on fuel cell stack and full products.
  • Environmental testing
  • Accelerated stress testing
  • Methanol reformation gas testing
  • Safety and approval testing
  • Component and sub-system assembly and testing.

All our assemblies functional and routine tests are fully traceable, and as customer at Advent, you are guaranteed a premium product ready to serve your needs – every time.

Learn more about the technologies in our fuel celll systems here: 

Transitioning to clean power?

Our standardized product lines fit most application needs. For customized power output, our systems are fully scalable.
Your case for clean, cost-optimized and efficient energy is our case, and we support it all the way.

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