Telecom Tower Backup

Replace your diesel generators with low-cost, green power today.


Diesel generators are on their way out. They cannot be the solution for our cities, our rooftops, or our remote installations in rural locations. Advent’s Serene fuel cell is the low-cost future-proof solution to meet your ESG and cost targets today.

We work with your service or tower company operators to deploy our fuel cells and we supply the green methanol needed for all your fueling needs.

5G means more towers and more needs.


Telecoms face the challenges of powering off-grid, bad-grid, and urban locations. Reliable and continuous power supply are essential, and the solutions need to be green and low cost.

At hybrid sites (solar powered), Advent’s Serene fuel cell solutions are used to back up the power supply system by covering the intermittency problem. During a cloudy day or season, the fuel cell system charges batteries, while also meeting the demands of backup or peak shaving power loads.

Advent's Serene Fuel Cells

  • Climate-Friendly
  • Carbon-Neutral Ready
  • Scalable Configuration
  • Liquid (Bio/Green Methanol) Fuel

Permanent or temporary power supply for remote and off-grid sites

Urban Areas Rooftops

Advent’s Serene fuel cells are ideal for rooftop sites located in densely populated areas. They are green and do not emit harmful pollutants. They are also low noise and negligible vibration systems. Serene has a minimum impact on people and surroundings.


Advent’s Serene fuel cells are ideal for remote locations to support security networks and in telecommunications, as they are compact to transport, have a high degree of reliability, low service needs, and high efficiency.

24/7 Power Needs

Advent’s Serene fuel cells can work perfectly in hybrid systems with renewable sources such as solar and/or wind, providing uninterrupted power to mainstream sites but also sites that are challenged by extreme heat, wet offshore conditions, or located in remote areas as either back-up, supplementary or primary power.

Fit for the green transition?

Download our guide: “Fit for the green transition?” for an in-depth viewpoint on transitioning to green power.

The guide is intended to help you initiate the transition to Advent’s Serene fuel cells.

Fit for the Green Transit