The ports of Aalborg will host large Power-to-X plant

Looking at our backyard, we are privileged to live in a vibrant area, flourishing of politicians like Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, strong business like Port of AalborgEuropean Energy A/S, entrepreneurial business to methanol supply like REintegrate, several energy network associations, like Energy Cluster Denmark, and Hydrogen Valley, and not least world-class high ranking university, Aalborg UniversityAAU Energy; providing us all with R&D research collaboration opportunities, and having fostered most of us in our theoretically trained mindsets, to push by vision, will, strategies and secure by actions #greentransition.

The ports of Aalborg, now handshaking on a soon to come large power-to-X plant, adding to the already existing world-wide supply of e-methanol.

Congratulations and well done to everyone involved! We look forward to following the project and using it as a source to our distribution of green power products.

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