The Serene Story


ESG at the forefront of our work

The world’s resources are limited. At Advent we put ESG first, through our green energy solutions that not only cut costs and logistics but significantly cut emissions to get us all one step closer to a cleaner, safer world.

We believe that:

  • a successful energy transition is dependent on addressing all 3Es (Environmental Benefit, Economic Benefit, Energy Security). Whether TCO or CO2 emissions are your priority, we can provide a detailed analysis and the right solution to back up your plan.
  • companies with ESG targets need peace of mind and the reliability of turnkey solutions, remotely monitored, and locally serviced.
  • our solutions must be resilient enough to address the toughest environmental conditions across the globe where off-grid power is key.
  • we must continuously invest in people with know-how, passion, and pride and enable a constant push for businesses to adopt clean, renewable energy.

Since 2006, we have deployed more than a thousand clean energy fuel cell units globally. We are proud to have a set of fully documented cases that successfully demonstrate the worth of our fuel cells as a green, reliable, and efficient option to decarbonize today.

Fuel Cell solutions and the UN Sustainable Development goals

The climate crisis is here, and time is running out. The demand for a sustainable future is clearly stated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We need solutions that are pragmatic now for the billions of people trying to make a living with scarce resources, limited energy reserves, and extreme weather conditions.

The push for electrification increases the demand for uninterrupted reliable power bigger than ever, but diesel generators are still growing and expanding to serve the world’s power needs.

We need an alternative to diesel generators now, and we believe that Advent’s methanol-based fuel cells are the right solution for today and for tomorrow.

  • Today you can deploy Advent’s Serene fuel cell solutions, which use inexpensive liquid fuel (methanol) and require minimal service requirements in the most remote locations or in heavily populated areas of the globe where pollution reduction and noise reduction are priority.
  • Tomorrow our fuel cell solutions are ready to use green hydrogen or emethanol (100% CO2 reduction).