Case by Partner: Power by Trailer-solution for construction sites

Low-noise, compact and sustainable, Plug-and-Play power

As markets adopt clean power solutions, fuel cells are increasingly considered a strong companion to solar power meeting the needs for back-up, supplementary and continuous power across many application areas. Often there is a need for compact solutions with low impact on surroundings and easy to operate/maintain. Construction sites make up a good example.

Solteknikk/Enetech, an Advent Technologies A/S partner, has developed a compact, mobile and sustainable trial in an effort to showcase the solution viable to meet future construction sites’ demands for more sustainable and people-/environment-friendly solutions in Norway.

The trailer solution consists of a 5kW fuel cell with 405 Wp solar panel and 4 kWh energy storage included. Output limited to 4 kW 1 phase. The energy trailer has been through testing and is now ready to be installed on a construction site with a major entrepreneur in Norway. This installation enables the entrepreneur to showcase the trailer solution to the Oslo municipality for them to consider this ready-made, low emissions solution for future tender specifications.

Fuel cells are compact, low-noise solutions with the option to operate on green methanol which in combination with solar power presents a true sustainable solution meeting the needs for not only future reduced CO2 emissions on construction sites but also a healthy environment to construction site workers. Low noise and low vibrations in power installations nearby will make a difference to their working hours and efficiency.

Success Criteria:

  • Hybrid constellation
  • Sites with low impact on surrounding environment: reduced CO2 emission, no vibrations, low noise
  • Compact systems with low maintenance
  • Scalable and flexible systems

“The trailer solution, pairing solar power with fuel cells, is a sustainable, reliable and scalable solution. Whilst diesel generators emit high levels of CO2 and continue to produce noise even when idling, fuel cells in combination with solar power make up a viable, low-noise and green alternative offering construction sites a healthy choice. The fact that the trailer itself is removable makes it a plug-and-play solution which we may see transferable to other application areas in the future also. The quest for sustainable power solutions is a global one.

Bjørn Erling Fjell, CEO and founder of SOLTEKNIKK / ENETECH


Trusted partner to Advent – Full service Provider of Green Power Solutions

SOLTEKNIKK AS is a pioneer in fuel cell implementation in Norway and has extensive experience in off-grid installations in remote and rough Nordic conditions. SOLTEKNIKK AS has recently expanded with the entity: ENETECH AS.

The company is located south-east of Oslo, in Moss – (Norway).

SOLTEKNIKK / ENETECH works to tailor, build, deliver and service hybrid power solutions for a wide range of applications such as telecom, emergency communications and road-surveillance. As of recently, the company is moving into big market segments within construction and industry, that over the next few years will be met with challenging demands and regulations, which will move these sectors away from using carbon-based power sources.