Fit for the green transition?

Nature and the environment demand clean, renewable energy. Regulations call for a change. How about your business? Browse our website and case studies to be inspired or download our guide: “Fit for the green transition?” to map your company’s opportunities transitioning to clean power by Advent.

The guide is intended to help you initiate the transition to Advent’s Serene fuel cells.

Fit for the Green Transit

How We Work with Customers

We work hard to provide our customers with an easy route to green energy and as an Advent customer, you can expect full service from inquiry to your daily operations. It is key for us to establish long-lasting relationships with both distributors and customers. We have the mindset, setup. and processes to serve globally and at the same time, support locally.

Inquiry & TOC Analysis
Proof of Concept
Supply Agreement
Training & Fuel Supply Sourcing
System Deployment
Monitoring, Service & Refueling

Transitioning to clean power?

Our standardized product lines fit most application needs. For customized power output, our systems are fully scalable.
Your case for clean, cost-optimized and efficient energy is our case, and we support it all the way.

Serene Applications

Replace your diesel generators with low-cost, green power today.
Reliable and continuous power supply is essential and the solutions have to be green and low-cost. Our fuel cell is the low-cost future-proof solution to meet your ESG and Cost Targets today.

Telecom Tower Backup

Permanent or temporary power supply for remote and off-grid sites.

Critical Infrastructure Power

No matter the weather, the duration, or the location: your infrastructure can never be without power.

Portable Power

Reliable and green deployable power solutions are important, especially in a time where emissions, noise and co2 is on top of the agenda.