SereneU-5 Fuel Cell System

  • HT-PEM technology
  • Build in methanol reformer
  • DC output from 40-58Vdc (200-1,000 Vdc as option)
  • ~0.6 L methanol per kWh of electrical energy
  • Fuel is 60/40 mix of methanol and water – green methanol or e-methanol an option
  • Ambient temperatures from -20°C up to 50° C
  • Data interfaces: SNMP, CANopen, Ethernet/IP etc.
  • Expected service interval: 5,000h
  • Hybrid configuration with batteries
  • Back-up power, supplementary or continuous 24/7
A System Explained


  • For remote relay (bad or off-grid) sites, rooftops, on-ground installations
  • Works in wind/PV hybrids, excellent to energy challenges during extreme weather such as monsoons
  • Noise reduced and no harmful emission
  • Compact and light footprint
  • High efficiency and low fuel cost
  • Flexible installation in and outdoors
  • Scalable systems 5-15kW, can be interrelated across systems
  • Remote monitoring
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • We train, support, and service on local levels

We take care of the Biomethanol Supply

(If required) Advent can deliver biomethanol fuel & fuel mix

  • We train our distribution, service, and refueling partners
  • Tested for density, conductivity, and contamination
  • In new IBCs or 60L cans
  • Safety and process experience



SereneU-5 G4 by Advent offers a simple and reliable solution for on-demand power. Wherever there is a need for back-up, whether being commercial telecom networks, security networks, serene does the job. Not only does it deliver critical and reliable power, it also does it in an environmentally friendly way by reducing CO2 and operating in a silent way. On top of that, it is uniquely designed in a way where methanol is reformed on site to hydrogen. This means that the fuel for Advent systems is liquid and is not only easily distributed but also available all around the world. The system produces up to 5kW and as the system is modular, multiple systems can be interconnected.

    • Low noise and no harmful emission
    • Compact and light footprint
    • High efficiency and lower fuel costs
    • Flexible installation in- and outdoors
    • Reduction of CO2 footprint
    • Elimination of fuel and equipment theft

Transitioning to clean power?

Our standardized product lines fit most application needs. For customized power output, our systems are fully scalable.

SereneU5 on shelf