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Serene Fuel Cells can use biomethanol today to achieve an immediate 80% reduction in CO2 emissions.

You can switch to blue methanol for a lower cost alternative and to green methanol tomorrow for zero CO2 emissions.

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If you are deploying solutions for the next decade, look no further than Serene.

Our fuel flexible, work “anywhere” product is the lower cost option and the one that will be compliant with energy regulations. In addition, it is an immediate approach using the fuels of tomorrow, today.

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We have deployed more than one thousand systems and are preparing to deploy thousands more in the most remote corners of the world.

Serene is

Advent’s Serene fuel cells operate in extreme conditions (usually where backup power is needed). They can use any air as intake, no matter if deep in a mine or across a polluted city.

Most importantly, Serene fuel cells can reform onboard any type of hydrogen carrier fuel.

Serene is

We offer custom solutions for your unique needs. Advent’s power solutions come in stationary, container, and portable configurations and are fully scalable and flexible.