Welcoming New Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Say hello to Mr. Per Arild, our new Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Per has a strong commercial profile and is well-experienced on the global arena from his roles within multinational companies. He is trained, experienced with and dedicated to leadership and transformation of teams, via empowerment to secure high performance teamwork and results.

For many years, Per has been living in Asia, but given the opportunity to come back to Denmark to head our already strong commercial team addressing and developing business opportunities for the Serene line of fuel cells offering, the choice was easy. He could not say no. Because like us, Per believes in the future of greentech, sustainable clean power products meeting the world’s need and demand for decarbonization.

Are you considering replacement solutions to the diesel generators in your business to reach targets for CO2 reductions, or do you need a sustainable companion to existing solar or wind energy solution; want to become a partner, helping us distribute clean power products; or do you simply want to meet Per, then reach out to him on: +45 2311 8887, over LinkedIn or by mail: per.arild@advent.energy.